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About Us

S-n-E Consulting believes in order to provide a successful level of computer support, all key systems interactions must be clearly identified and fully understood.

Key systems of all computers:

Without clear understanding of these key systems and their interactions, needless and self imposed computer downtime can almost be guaranteed, contributing to extra costs in wasted employee time, lost data, duplication of efforts, bad client relationships plus many other collateral adverse effects.

The S-n-E Consulting team provides over 35 years of real world experience identifying and resolving real world technical issues. We believe that in order to provide quality solutions for today´s technical work environments, a firm understanding of all key systems and their interactions is required.

S-n-E Consulting strives to bridge any gaps in knowledge of key systems with our client base in order to clarify understanding of various resources. As we work with our clients to identify and resolve various issues, we are more than happy to help deepen their understanding of how to best leverage their resources. With that knowledge, comes the ability to improve planning and to increase current and projected use of assets. This is a win-win for our clients and us.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and single proprietorship's through medium sized and large, mature businesses.

Please explore our web site to learn further about the services we offer. Click here for web site help

Contact us and let's discuss your business current and future computer technical and educational support needs.

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