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Computer Support Terminology

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Anti Virus - Software to help protect a computer from the ever increasing invasion of viruses, worms, spyware and a myriad of other programs whom task it is to compromise your computers security and stability.

Application - A program which takes input from a various number of sources and processes the information in a systematic process.

Data Base - A file system which stores data in a predictable manner so that inquiries can be run against the stored data to further extract information in a systematic process.

Firewall - A software program to help prevent or limit access to specific computer or locations within the network or on computers. The purpose is to help ensure the security and predictability of the process data.

Network - A series of electronic devices, cables and wireless devices whose purpose it is to pass protocol packets in a secure, redundant methodology. Networks can be made up of, but not limited to switches, routers (wired and wireless), modems, cables and computers.

Operating System - A program whose responsibility it is to provide a predictable platform for other applications to execute in, while providing access to machine resources such as memory, disk, network and many other resources.

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Server, Application - A server which has been configured to support an application with the necessary resources while scheduling the access of clients in an orderly process.

Server, Content - A server which has been configured to support different type of content structures which can easily and quickly be extracted for viewing. Content types such as eBooks, music and other content types can be stored, organized and edited in a manner that facilitates the development and enhancement of these files.

Server, Database - A server which has been configured and tuned to support either one or multiple DataBase Management Systems (DBMS) residing on the server.

Server, Disaster Recovery - A server which has been configured to provide a backup scenario in case the primary server encounters a error condition. These servers can be configured in many ways, from being a "Hot Swap Server" to a "Manual Recovery Server". The range in configuration options leave a broad span of possible implementations scenarios. Disaster Recovery topics range from physical locations of the backup/recovery servers, levels of backup/recovery automation and recovery detail.

Server, E-Commerce - A server which has been configured to support E-Commerce activities, such as CreditCard transactions, Shopping Carts, Banking processing, plus a range of other E-Commerce services.

Server, eMail - A server which has been configured to provide eMail services via the; SMTP, POP, IMAP and other protocols. An eMail server will contain the physical mail bags plus handel other eMail activities.

Server, Fax - A server which has been configured to allow software fax request to be processed and shipped out through the appropriate communication paths to access other Fax devices either by wireless, phone lines or WAN/LAN connections

Server, File - A server which has been configured as a data repository for centralized file storage/retrieval.

Server, FTP - A server which has been configured to allow access to the files system via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is a common tool to upload/download files in a controlled secure method.

Server, Mobile Information - A server which is configured to handle wireless comminucation services to access corporate database information and other applications.

Server, Print - A server that is configured to allow other computer workstations to route print jobs to one or more available printers that are shared on a network.

Server, Proxy - A server that resides between a server and a client. The proxy server intercepts requests that it receives and can perform multiple functions from prioritization to load ballancing and more. Proxy servers are also capable of caching pages that are frequently requested to speed up data retrieval which reduces server loads.

Server, RealTime Communication - A server which is configured to handle Chat and Instant Messaging tasks.

Server, Software Distribution - A server which has been configured to monitor application software for automated synchronization or configured to allow remote computers to access software updates or patches.

Server, Streaming Media - A server which is configured to facilitate the audio/video streaming tasks.

Server, Web Site - A server configured to allow web services to run and web site hosting.

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Work Station, Mobile - Usually a small physical sized computer to allow one to access the Internet in a highly mobile fashion.

Work Station, Networked - A computer which is connected to other computers and/or network devices via either a wired or wireless network.

Work Station, Stand Alone - A computer which is not connected to either a wired or wireless network.

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