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Wireless Networking for the Home

Purpose: The purpose of this class is to introduce the home user to wireless networking.

Pre-requisite course: None

Topics Covered: In a nut shell, this class will cover the basic foundation blocks of Wireless Networking, key areas to be aware of, and the basic security topics which should be addressed when implementing a Wireless Network for the Home.

Topics covered in this class will be:

  • Basic Networking Vocabulary
  • Pros/Cons of Wireless Networking
  • Basic Networking
  • Basic Understanding of what the internet is
  • Basic Security Issues
  • Basic Networking Devices
  • Basic Networking Tools
  • Basic Network Mapping
Available Seating: Space is limited to 20 individuals, preregistration is required.

Expected results: After attending this class, a person should have acquired a baseline understanding of Wireless Networking for a Home. One will be introduced to the basic concepts, hardware and software components needed to implement a wireless network for a home environment. General computer security concerns will be covered for both wireless networking and simple application security.


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Home Networking for Parents

The purpose of this class is to introduce parents to techniques for maintaining control of their home network. The children of today are technically capable and are pushing the envelope on utilizing technology to their benefit. Not everything that is available on the internet is child friendly. This class will provide parents with the knowledge to institute policies for how and when their home network is used while limiting unwanted web sites.
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Trouble Shooting the Home Network

The purpose of this class is to introduce one to common home network issues that impact the home environment, and how to resolve them.
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